Introducing Intercom Integration

While talking to your customer in Intercom, have you ever wondered how they faced this problem or why is this happening?

What if we say, you can even watch and replay their problem/situation. We are thrilled to announce our Intercom integration. To take a deeper dive into setting up the integration, walk through our help guide.

New in Polls and Feedback

Mandatory comment in Polls Have you been missing out on your customer's comments? Don’t worry! Now, you can make the comment field mandatory for mandatory questions in polls and get replies from your customer.

Next button customization Ever wondered if you can customize the text of next button in polls & feedback? We heard you! With this update, you can completely customize the text of "Next" button for each question.

Integrations @ Zarget

Zarget has integrated with many content management systems and analytics tools. Connect your Zarget account with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google App Marketplace, WordPress, Joomla!, Magento 2, Drupal and Mixpanel. And, Zarget can now import goals from Google Analytics.

With integration, sync your Zarget data, generate more conversion rate and grow your business.

Click here to know more on integration with Zarget

Execute your JavaScript before ours

We got frequent requests from our customers to execute their custom JavaScript code before Zarget's JavaScript code is run. As always, we are all ears and made it available in our recent release. (To use it check "Project Settings" -> "JavaScript" section).

Reset A/B Testing stats!

Ever thought of making changes to your A/B or split test and start the experiment afresh? Reset reports to your rescue! Now, Zarget provides you with an option to flush the stats at your convenience. Try this and let us know your thoughts.

Improved A/B Testing

We have made multiple improvements to one of the most used features: A/B testing. Some of the highlights are:

  • A/B testing reports are made much insightful and intuitive.
  • Tracking a click goal is now made simple and easy.
  • Improved creation flow for adding goals and audience targeting.

Not just this! Our engineers are working on many more features to make A/B testing awesome. Watch this space for more updates.

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Make your own Polls & Feedback widget

You can now remove Zarget's brand in the Polls widget and make it look like yours. Reach out to us to make the poll widget your own!

Workflow change in A/B testing

Creating an A/B testing experiment is much easier now. Based on your feedback, we have tweaked the workflow of A/B testing. You will be able to give the goals, target audience in an easy manner from now. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.


We now make it easy for you to get insights out of our reports by segmenting the data based on your visitor demographics. Currently, you can create and save segments across Zarget based on many parameters. Know more about this.

We are adding parameters like Referral URL, Landing page and many more in the next updates.

Happy segmenting!

Announcing Session Replay!

We're excited to announce that after months of hard work, we have opened the BETA access for Session Replay.

Session Replay is a simple way to know your customer’s journey with recorded video sessions. Check out our knowledge base to kick start your first recording.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Zarget will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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